A lot of focus has been placed on being a good leader. In fact, there is more literature about good leadership than any other management topic. This is because leadership covers not only management, but it involves teams, motivation and even our social lives.

But what of the people who consider themselves non-leaders?

If you are contented to follow, you are, by definition, a follower. Yet, the reality is that no one is a 100% follower. Everyone, bar none, will at one time or another be in a leadership position.

“Anyone knows a good restaurant around here?”

A timid hands goes up, and Timid Tim says, “I do. Follow me.”

No! That is not leadership! Yes, I can hear those protests loud and clear. Now, Timid Tim starts walking, turns a corner, goes down a flight of stairs, turns another corner all the while muttering to himself about how wonderful that restaurant is. Then, when he arrives, he is alone. Somewhere along the way, he manages to lose the entire group.

Sure, that is not LEADERSHIP, but even this simple example of leading a small group serves to show that at some point, you have to lead.

When speakers talk about leadership and how everyone should be trained and about how everyone is a leader, there are many scoffers. They think that this is all about selling more seminars. Or it is just hot air to encourage the “others” so they don’t feel too bad. Hardly.

In our many capacities, we are followers in some and leaders in others. It is inevitable. Have you ever followed someone with an IQ less than yours simply because he knew where the toilet was and you don’t?

Leadership skills are especially important at home. At work, there is always some one ready to step up to the plate. We all want to excel. Be promoted. Be noticed. One man’s faltering is another man’s elevator.

But at home, there is just you and your family. Think about that. The option for someone else to “step up to the plate” are not too plentiful in the home.

So, the next time you have a chance to attend a “leadership workshop” or a leadership seminar, don’t pass up the chance just because you think you are not a leader.

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